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8 rules to stay in shape for Christmas

Every year we start full of good intentions, we start counting the calories, following the advice of friends who have magically lost weight eating lasagna and pancakes and we believe it every time. The truth is that when we begin to smell mulled wine on the street, supermarket shelves filled with Xmas sweets, and the air smells like cinnamon, it is difficult to resist the temptation.

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What we are looking for are just simple basic rules to follow to prevent the Christmas holidays from turning into a torture rather than a pleasure. Here are 8 rules and good habits that can allow us to reach January without the belt holes at the maximum capacity limit.

  1. Eat slowly: taking the right time to savor each bite and leave the time necessary for our mind to focus on the act of eating, can make us feel full and satisfied before time.

  2. Hydrate properly: drinking at least 8 glasses of water a day allows you to feel less hunger bites and keep our body hydrated.

  3. Never skip meals: it may seem like a winning idea but you only get twice as hungry.

  4. Walking: Fast walking can be a great ally. Fast walking is perfect for strengthening the cardiovascular system.

  5. Smart snacks: such as eating dried fruits and snacks with a correct caloric and energy intake, such as our fabulous Bud bars, during the afternoon snack.

  6. Limit alcohol and sugary drinks: when we are out for an aperitif we can order a tomato juice (healthy and tasty alternative).

  7. Rest after sports: it is important after a sports activity to rest your muscles (a nice warm bath is restful for the body and mind).

  8. Reduce stress: seek inner peace with breathing and concentration exercises (ideal are pilates or yoga sessions).

Parties must be a pleasure first and first of all. These tips have the fundamental purpose of getting a purified organism before enjoying the Xmas lunches and dinners, bearing in mind that keeping fit and healthy is an act of self-love, but also that food combined with the company of loved ones is the greatest pleasure we can give to our hearts.

By: Alessandra Grimaldi
Content Editor


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