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Best Foods for Healthy Skin

Men, women and children, age doesn't matter, we all want to have perfect selfie-proof skin (no more boring filters that make us all the same!). We spend hours and money buying creams and scrubs, or we invent strange home mixes to put on our faces. The truth, as always, is that the choice of our diet largely affects the grain of our skin. Don't you believe it? For each skin there are specific foods that can help reduce their problems.

Bud Power - Best Foods for Healthy Skin

For example, for dry skin it is recommended to consume whole foods containing vitamin B. Nuts and almonds help fight aging. Fish such as anchovies, salmon and mackerel help maintain a proper level of hydration. For oily skin, on the other hand, it is not recommended to consume too many fried foods, sausages and fatty cheeses. Chocolate is allowed but only if 70% dark.

There is more and more talk about the famous super food that most of the time besides costing a lot may not be easy to find. There are actually a number of common foods that are part of every respected kitchen and that are our hidden allies.

- Potatoes: Steamed or baked with peel (no fried sorry) are a concentrate of benefits for the skin. They are rich in mineral salts and vitamins.

- Onions: They consist 90% of water, they are rich in fiber and all the vitamins of the alphabet! They possess antibiotic and antibacterial properties. 

- Apples: They moisturize the skin (they consist of water for 85%) that's why they're very diuretic. They lower bad cholesterol, protect the cardiovascular system and help keep blood sugar under control. Only recommendation: eat them with the peel (yes even if you don’t like it, it is the richest part of vitamins!)

- Asparagus: Contains very few calories, very few carbohydrates and instead abounds with vitamin K (fundamental in the process of blood clotting).

- Peanuts: They are powerful natural antioxidants. Taking them in the right dose allows you to keep the body active and preserve the elasticity and beauty of the skin. They contain arginine, a valuable substance for the growth of children. Some studies have shown that they are a valuable help for those suffering from headaches (and then combined with dark chocolate are even better!)

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By: Alessandra Grimaldi
Content Editor


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