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How is a Bud Power bar born?

As in the best Italian families, we at Bud Power are constantly looking for new food trends and when it comes to developing a new product we rely on market analysis, Bud Spencer's heritage and above all on the feedback of our loyal customers.

Bud Power Bars

The period of time to develop a new recipe can vary greatly, sometimes it takes as long as a year (it takes time when things are made with love). Once we have identified the goal we begin to experiment in our kitchen. We start from the search for the best ingredients and then move on to the production process. 

The part we definitely prefer is the tasting. Taste, in fact, is one of our priorities along with nutritional values (your health comes first). 

Just like in any sport, a product before being launched on the market must get a minimum score that comes as a result of the sum of the Bud Power team votes added to those of a significant people sample taken outside the company.

A new bar is evaluated based on the following criteria: 

- Consistency
- Flavor
- Nutritional values
- Ingredients

Although you might think otherwise, the stricter you are, the more you help us grow. Negative feedback is even more important than positives because it allows us to continuously improve our work. Criticisms, wishes and suggestions are always welcome and taken into account (we don’t miss to read a single post!).

Even if everyone promises it, we really work hard to produce healthier alternatives designed exclusively for your needs. At the moment, in fact, we are working intensively and proudly on the presentation of new products and we can’t wait to introduce them to you! 

That’s why we ask you to be a little more patient and we recommend to stay tuned with the newsletters of the Bud Power family.

Do you have an innovative idea for our product development team? Send us an email at info@bud-power.com

By: Alessandra Grimaldi
Content Editor


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