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Outdoor activities: why it's good and why we should all practice it

Last year more than ever before, we’ve been in the spasmodic search for boundless places, clean air, outdoor activities and the desire for freedom. Of course, we are not all lucky enough to live in the countryside, close to the mountains or next to the sea, but that doesn’t mean that we cannot find our little corners of paradise.

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Many studies show that outdoor sport activity is a real cure-all for body and mind. You don't have to be great athletes, just have a pinch of goodwill and of course a Bud Power bar in your pocket, to fight hunger bites!

According to WHO, an adult subject should practice at least 150 minutes of physical activity per weekIt is scientifically proven that physical activity helps prevent and control various diseases including diabetes, cardiovascular issues, musculoskeletal disorders and tumors.

Number one of all the benefits coming from outdoor sport is of course the sunlight. It refers to the specific relationship between skin, sunlight and vitamin D. From exposure to sunlight we get a good amount of this vitamin, which is transformed by our body into a super-active form of vitamin D useful in the prevention of numerous diseases: not for nothing, it impressively stimulates the activity of the immune system.

Training outdoors can be the best choice even to prevent the most mundane diseases, such as colds or flu. Enclosed places often act as incubators for viruses, while outdoor activity allows you to breathe at full lungs avoiding the transmission of bacteria.

Playing outdoor sports allows greater oxygenation and strengthening of muscles, and consequently the reduction of free radicals slowing down the development of aging.

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It only takes 15 minutes a day of walking to start and after a few weeks we will already feel the first benefits of this healthy habitIf we then pursue the goal of improving our fitness, the pace and intensity of the walk are decisive. In fact, walking at a fast pace or alternating slow and fast walking awakens metabolism and allows you to burn calories. 

If you are in a park or in any case in a green area, you can alternate running with a bench workout, the outdoor training designed in the United States. You've never heard of it? It is a matter of exploiting public benches to train all the muscles, with bends, elongations, twists and push-ups. Yoga and stretching can also be practiced outdoors with great results. In short, whether you are in company or alone, trained or a little lazy, we can all find the activity that suits us best. Watchword for this year: freedom!

By: Alessandra Grimaldi
Content Editor


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