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To eat or not to eat before training? That is the question.

The Hamletic doubt that most afflicts us when we decide to wear sneakers and tracksuits is always the same: do you eat before or after physical activity?

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Let's do some clarity below. If you are not a professional athlete, before training, it is a great idea to eat one snack, above all, if you want to lose weight or develop muscles: eating is almost a must! Only professional athletes, such as marathon runners or ambitious athletes, can decide to eat later to increase your stamina.

Many researches about fitness, have shown that half of the participants think that consuming carbohydrates after training can ruin the work done. Others, on the other hand, do not even want to consume any calories after training. Are you wondering why you should eat before playing sports?

The easiest answer and it is obvious because the sugars guarantee you better performance during the activity physics. A complete snack, like one of our Bud Power bars, allows your metabolism to do whatever it takes to function at full capacity. In short, by eating something good and tasty you will also be able to train better. The basic rules you need to keep in mind are:

- Drink enough: drinking is even more essential than eating. To give the best it is necessary that your body is always well hydrated.

- Define the goal: Choose if it is better for you to lose weight, gain mass muscle or increase endurance. Depending on what you choose you will have to eat different things.

- Remember the importance of eating: you don't need to fast if you want to achieve concrete goals.

Even during training it may be necessary to have a light snack, especially if the workout lasts more than 60 minutes. In this case it is important to supplement carbohydrates to increase power and intensity.

Now that you are convinced that eating is an excellent good habit before doing sport you have to understand how much time before it is better to do it. First of all, it is essential to know how to listen to your body. There are people who prefer 2 or 3 hours, for others an hour is enough. The last recommended snack is between 15 and 30 minutes before starting.


By: Alessandra Grimaldi
Content Editor


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