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9 Myths about exercise to dispel

Diets, prayers, tips to stay fit, magic tricks to lose a few kilos: every week comes out a novelty that promises miracles and pumpkins that will magically turn into carriages or better in abs. Too bad that understanding what is the most suitable method for us is really an epic feat worthy of the greatest Greek heroes (who of abs and biceps were already provided at birth).

Bud Power - 9 Myths to dispel about exercise

Below are a series of very un-mythical myths and implausible rumors that we have always thought were true.

1. "No need to do physical activity if you have a genetically fit body"

This is not exactly the case: the benefits you get depend on how constant your training schedule is. The advice is to stay in operation for a lifetime, modulating physical activity according to age and health conditions.

2. "Standing all day is like doing real physical activity"

Those who do a job that requires you to stay on your feet for most of the day are certainly more active than those doing a sedentary job. Standing throughout the day helps, but that's not enough. The advice is to associate at least 150 minutes of extra physical activity per week.

3. "At a certain age it is better not to train"

Nothing could be further from the truth. Research tells us that aging does not reduce the chances of physical activity, at least until about 95 years of age. Endurance and strength can also be increased by older people. The important thing is to follow exercises suitable for age and that do not involve excessive stress for the joints.

4. "Doing physical activity makes you lose weight"

It depends. Moving more leads to an increase in the activity of your metabolism, and therefore makes our body consume more energy, but if you have an unbalanced diet exercise may not be enough to keep fit or lose weight. There must be a fair balance between what you eat and what you consume. In short, let's give ourselves a cuddle, but not the whole package!

5. "Cardio is the best way to lose weight"

Cardio training is just one of the ways to burn calories and has a big disadvantage: it loses weight but also muscle mass.  You risk being thin but not fit. A viable alternative to losing weight is to focus on strength training that allows you to build muscles, which are just the same that give your body a nice shape.

6. "Stretching shrinks muscles"

A false myth that works perfectly as an excuse for those who love to skip the heating before the workout. Stretching, in fact, improves mobility and allows you to perform many exercises at your best.

7. "The more you sweat, the more you lose weight"

Sweating disperses water and mineral salts and definitely helps eliminate toxins. But it doesn't make you lose weight. Sorry but the sauna and steam room are not part of the physical activities!

8. "Fasting makes you lose weight"

Another false myth: do not eat, especially for long periods, is not recommended. Reducing portions and cooking healthy foods can be a great good habit, but never stop eating.

9. "Never eat before training"

This depends on the type of exercise that needs to be done. In general you should eat about two hours or 90 minutes before going to the gym and prefer foods that can easily convert into energy for the body. An ideal snack could be one of our Bud power bars that contain the right intake of protein and sugars essential to have enough energy.

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By: Alessandra Grimaldi
Content Editor


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