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Bud Power Protein Pasta: the complete meal to stay fit!

When you follow a specific diet and have certain needs in terms of protein requirements, we know how difficult it is to resist an excellent dish of pasta.
Bud Power - Protein Pasta
Did you know, in fact, that among the various types of pasta there are "special pasta"? There are pasta with different characteristics from the classic standard pasta. For example, there are gluten-free or those created with different flours such as chickpeas. Among these there is a type that, nowadays, is growing rapidly in terms of use and that can be consumed by both sports and non-sports people: protein pasta.

Let's first see what they normally contain: basically, like most other pasta, they contain durum wheat semolina, water and fiber. So we always have a classic "Italian" pasta. But the best part is now: they are rich in proteins (in our case vegetable). What does this mean? That we will decrease the total carbohydrates (by about 50%) and significantly increase (up to 4/5 times out of 100g of product) the protein intake.

Let's take a practical example: a classic pasta per 100g contains (based on the type of flour, whether white or wholemeal), from 11g to 14g of protein and around 60g of carbohydrates. If we take a protein pasta, however, we find, always per 100g, around 50g (yes, 50g!) of proteins and about half of the carbohydrates (about 30g). So if we think about a small portion of pasta (around 60g) we will have, in a protein pasta, 30g of protein and about 18g of carbohydrates.

In terms of calories, normally, the various pastas (white, wholemeal or protein flour) are equivalent (remember that proteins and carbohydrates bring the same calories for each g, that is 4). At the level of fiber content, those with the highest content are the whole wheat ones (around 8g / 100g), while the proteins contain about 5g (in any case an excellent quantity). Those that contain less are the white ones (around 3g).

Once we have analyzed the nutritional values, we see what advantages it can bring to include protein pasta in your diet:

✓ it is rich in vegetable proteins
✓ contains 60% less carbohydrates
✓ is 100% vegan
✓ it's keto friendly
✓ does not contain GMOs

    A further plus is that we are not drinking a protein shake, but we are eating a very good dish of pasta, which can easily be seasoned with tomatoes, vegetables or whatever we like.

    You may be thinking: "yes, but there are already other protein pastas, or why should I give up a traditional pasta?"

    It's true, we are not the first to make a protein pasta and we certainly won't be the ones to tell you to give up an excellent traditional pasta dish (just like our hero Bud Spencer loved to do), but ours unlike the others:

    ✓ it satisfies you without weighing you down
    ✓ it is easy to digest
    ✓ it is rich in fiber
    ✓ it is produced in Italy
    ✓ it's real pasta

      In short, it is a complete pasta with all the elements you need and you cook it as you wish, to create the perfect meal!

      What use do we recommend? When you can't get a protein source in your main meal, make yourself a nice plate of protein pasta so that you really have a complete, balanced, easy to prepare, but above all good meal!

      Some of you have already had the opportunity to try it during the fitness fair in Cologne in April (FIBO 2022), and many of these people have called it the best of all!

      Bud Power - Protein Pastas

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