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How eating accelerates metabolism

We all have a friend who claims to eat everything he likes when he likes and not to gain a single hen. Don't worry, we're not one of these elected few either. If, on the other hand, you are also part of 95% of the population that assimilates what it eats, we advise you to read this article because tricks to awaken our stacked metabolism do exist!

Bud Power - Metabolism

Even eating can activate our metabolism, but first of all it is important to clarify some key concepts such as "What is metabolism?" We hear about it on a daily basis, but maybe we're not sure we know everything we need. Metabolism is about all biochemical processes that occur in living organs and cells.

Usually the acceleration of metabolism is associated with the anabolic phase because, unlike catabolism that makes energy available to the organism, anabolism consumes energy.

Since anabolism is responsible for the synthesis of proteins, it also plays a decisive role in muscle development. If you provide your muscles with the right dose of protein you can effectively develop your muscles.

Among the main foods that speed up metabolism there are:

  • - Coconut oil is a valuable ally of slow metabolism. Using this type of oil, instead of traditional cooking oil, will help your body burn fat faster.
  • - Spices, especially cinnamon and ginger, promote the assimilation of sugar, helping the body metabolize it up to twenty times faster.
  • - Eggs contain specific components, such as proteins and beneficial fats that help improve metabolism.
  • - Blue fish, in addition to being perfect for the brain and memory, helps burn fat. The proteins and "good" fats contained in these fish, such as salmon, are in fact ideal for accelerating metabolism.
  • - Nuts and dried fruits are a great help for burning fat.
  • - Seeds are also a great choice to accelerate metabolism. Sesamus, flax, sunflower or pumpkin.
  • - Tea, rich in antioxidants, helps fight accumulated fat, accelerating metabolism. Green tea is also perfect, always among the best foods to deflate and help weight loss.
  • - Legumes are also great to lose weight naturally. Lentils, chickpeas and especially our beloved beans are great foods that help you lose weight.  

When we are under stress, for everyday problems, we are naturally led to consume more fast food. Such a habit raises blood sugar levels that carry more sugars in the blood which in turn involves conversion to fats and its consequent accumulation. Of course, nothing lifts a downed soul more than a piece of chocolate, but we can learn to have healthy habits and delicious snack breaks at the same time. 

Learning to relax and find your own balance are two fundamental steps to achieve this goal. Trying a languishing at some point in the day is more than normal, but knowing how to choose healthy snacks, such as our Bud power bars free of artificial sweeteners and rich in vegetable proteins and fiber, is fundamental to correct our eating habits.

Physical activity as always is essential to keep us fit and healthy. It is enough to lose even 10% of body weight, with a balanced diet, to achieve a condition of "metabolic fitness", that is, to rebalance a series of alterations resulting from excess fat that also affect metabolism.

The more muscles we have and the more calories we consume throughout the day, regardless of age, thyroid function and level of physical activity. Muscle, in fact, is a living tissue, in continuous renewal and with metabolic demands significantly higher than adipose tissue.

While we play sports our metabolism increases considerably and remains high even for several hours from the end of training (up to 12 hours after a particularly intense activity).

In short, even if we are not lucky enough to be able to eat only pasta and pizza from morning to night without gaining weight, we can always help our metabolism with small and simple habits to introduce into our daily lives. Winter leads everyone to be lazy, but with a touch of goodwill we can do so much for our body and mind, the important thing is to always believe in it!

By: Alessandra Grimaldi
Content Editor


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