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The importance of breakfast

The alarm rings for the third time in 10 minutes, you get up in a hurry, get ready as quick as you can and most of the time you just eat a cookie and drink coffee directly from the moka while waiting for the elevator. Raise your hand if you have never experienced such a scene! The real truth is that time for ourselves is running out more and more because of the hectic life that the twenty-first century compels us to live.

Bud Power - Breakfast Bowl

Perhaps not everyone knows that breakfast affects as much as 15/20% of the entire daily needs, affecting school/work performance, physical performance and the overall health of our body. Having breakfast regularly means speeding up metabolism. Regular consumers of a full breakfast have higher intakes of fiber, calcium, vitamins, and minerals.

The five golden rules of breakfast that all of us should put into practice are as follows:

1Regularity. You can't skip it!

2Completeness: must include milk or derivatives such as yoghurt, cereal products (bread, rusks, baked goods, etc.) and fruit

3Variety: it is recommended to change its composition quite often 

4Balance: Must make between 15/20% of the daily calories

5. Pleasantness: Well a little gratification never hurts, neither the palate nor the sight

Before moving on to the mistakes not to be made, did you know that Bud Power bars allow you to better integrate protein (plant-based) and fiber during breakfast? Discover the three flavors available: Chocolate Boost, Pistachio Cream and Crunchy Peanut. Click on the image to check them out!

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There are also mistakes that we shall try to avoid:

- Have a poor breakfast, such as just a fruit or a cookie.

- Consume too much sugar: okay having a croissant, but not every day.

- Eat too fast

- Do not vary between sweet and savory breakfast.

- Eat little of fruit: morning is the best time for assimilation (ideal for good hydration of the organism)

Actually  sometimes, more than being in a hurry, we're just a little lazy. The idea of sitting at the table thinking about all the things we have to do does not attract us, but as life teaches us from day to day we must always challenge ourselves a little more to jump higher, run faster and take better care of ourselves.

By: Alessandra Grimaldi
Content Editor


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