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To Grandpa Carlo

My grandpa has always been my hero, I admired him as a sport man, as a show-man but above all as Man. Of course this is something any nephew, who loves his grandpa, could say. But there’s clearly something more when it comes to Bud Spencer since my feelings are very close to those felt by millions of people around the World.

I inherited from him the passion for sport but also the love for genuine food and

delicious dessert. However during my professional career in martial arts I have always had to choose between one or the other, as if they were inconciliable, since weight and physical shape are so important in a sport like mine. The same also applies to anyone who wants to live a healthy life without giving up on some treats.

That’s how the idea of creating Bud Power was born. A product line made for men and women who love sport and healthy life, or that simply want to treat themselves with a tasty snack without feeling guilty. With Bud Power we will never give up on a healthy life full of joy!

To Grandpa Carlo, from Carlo.