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  • To eat or not to eat before training? That is the question.
    Do you eat before or after physical activity? Let's do some clarity with these 3 basic rules.
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  • #BodyPositivity: healthy body and healthy mind
    The founding principle of body positivity is to love and accept your body as it is. All bodies are beautiful precisely because they are different from each other.
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  • How is a Bud Power bar born?
    Discover more on how we research and develop new products at Bud Power.
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  • How eating accelerates metabolism
    What is metabolism? We hear about it on a daily basis, but maybe we're not sure we know everything we need. Let's find out together!
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  • Outdoor activities: why it's good and why we should all practice it
    Many studies show that outdoor sport activity is a real cure-all for body and mind. You don't have to be great athletes, just have a pinch of goodwill and a Bud Power bar in your pocket!
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